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Skating Waltz


unlimited number of pairs in circle facing ballroom direction, ballroom hold, the forward stretched (outer) arms are slightly bent at the elbows


walking steps, waltz steps and waltzing round


Bar 1 – 4: Beginning with outside feet, four walking steps in ballroom direction. With the 4th step both partners turn to each other on their inner feet, now looking against ballroom direction and releasing outside hands. Inside hands stay joined and are moderately stretched backwards.

Bar 5 - 8: Beginning with now inside feet, four waltz steps backwards in ballroom direction. The now inner arms sway forward, backward and forward again with each step. With the 4th step, while swaying backward again, partners turn to each other taking ballroom hold. Bar 9 –16: Partners, facing each other now, waltz round the circle.

This is repeated until the music stops playing.


This dance was noted in the county Salzburg in 1939 and 1940 by Ilka Peter; the latter found evidence, that it also used to be danced in Upper Austria in the late 19th century. See also “Offener Walzer” which is closely related to it.



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