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Krebspolka (Crab Polka)


unlimited number of pairs in circle facing each other, ballroom hold


stamp step, galop, polka step


Bar 1: 1 stamp forward on 1st beat, close on 3rd beat, beginning with outside feet; partners nearly facing ballroom direction (bodies not quite parallel but forming a V.).

Bar 2: Repeat

Bar 3: two galop steps forward

Bar 4: 1 final step forward on 1st beat, turning back to facing each other (bodies parallel); close (sometimes slightly stamped) on 3rd beat unweighted (his right and her left foot).

Bar 5 – 7: 6 small galop steps against ballroom direction

Bar 8: 1 final side-step on 1st beat, turning into ballroom direction, close on last beat unweighted (outside feet).

Bar 9 –16: As 1 –8

Bar 17-32: Polkaing round room in ballroom direction

Repeat from start as often you like, ending with polka in double length (32 bars)


This dance is also known under the name “Neukatholisch” (New Catholic) and in Germany under “Manchester”. The name “Krebspolka” was found in Ybbsitz, Lower Austria.




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