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This is a collection of questions and answers that users had on Dancilla by using the features.

Registration & Login

I cannot register. What can I do?

Please fill out the contact form, describe what happened, submit it and an administrator will get back to you.

Do I need to register to access information?

You do not need to register or login. Nearly all material is accessible for everybody. Only if you want to participate (e.g. ask or answer questions, comment, upload pictures, add videos etc.)

Social Network

What is a social network?

A social network allows people to share information about themselves, connect with people they know (tagged as "friends" in the network), share information like their current status, their hobbies, upload photos, add videos, help with questions etc. All this happens on website like Dancilla which is tailored to support a community of dancers and people related to and interested in dancing.

Why should I use the social networking functionality on Dancilla?

Dancing is a social thing and brings you in contact with new dances and other dancers. You can enhance you own social dance life by being a member of the dance community on Dancilla. Dancilla helps you to connect to dancers from around the globe and point them to dance-related information, that either you or others have shared and discovered. In the end, everybody profits from the community of passionate dancers.

But, you don't need to join. All materials in the archive and most information about the community members is accessible for non-members.

How can I use the social networking functionality on Dancilla?

The documentation for all the features for the Dancilla social network can be found here: User guide


Where can I find dances?

Dance instructions?

The starting point for looking for dance instructions is Dancilla/en. Dance instructions are sorted into different categories, but also alphabetically. You can also use the search field on the left hand side to search for a specific dance.


  • Dance instructions are available in many languages and might not necessarily show up in you language. We will
  • Dances have different names or spellings

I am looking for a dance instruction but cannot find it

I found a dance instruction that is not correct. What can I do?

I want to enhance a dance instruction. How canI do that?

How can I contribute dance instructions?

My Blogs

How can I use My Blogs?

My Blog on Dancilla allows members to blog and share their thoughts, as well as post links or embed videos. Here are two documents explaining how to use My Blogs:

How do I embed videos in My Blog?

If you want to embed a video from a video-platform in your blog, then simply follow the instructions from the following article: Azrul Video Mambot

Troubleshooting for My Blog

Here is a link to common problems with My Blogs and the solutions: Troubleshooting


Some or many texts are not in my language available. Why is that?

We are working on translating as much as possible. This is done with the help of the members on this website. So please take our apologies, when there is a mix of languages on the site. If you want to help with translations, then there are two areas to help:

  • Look up the translation requests in the translation forums
  • Become an administrator and help us translate other texts on the administration console. For more informtaion about this please fill out the contact form


You have a question that is not covered here?

Then please fill out the contact form and an administrator will get back to you.