Circassian Circle

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Cercassian Circle, Big Cercle

Community Dances Manual 1, 1949, English Folk Dance And Song Society (Cecil Sharp House, London)

13. The Circassian And The Big Circle (Collected by Maud Karpeles in Northumberland)

Music: A jig tune for one part and a reel for the other.

PART 1: The Cercassian Circle (jig tune) Form: Progressive Sicilian Circle (couple facing couple). A.1. Right and left through or woman cross over (left) and men cross over (right), and repeat to places. A.2. Partners balance right and left. Partners swing. B.1. "Ladies Chain" B.2. Swing and change OR Promenade on to next couple.

PART 2: The Big Cercle (reel tune) All join hands in one ring: Each man with his partner on his right facing centre. A.1.Forward and back twice. A.2. Woman to centre and back again. Men go in and back to contrary partner, i.e. the woman on his left. B.1. Swing her round. B.2. Promenade around and repeat as from A.1."

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