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The “Boomerang” waltz step is a showy flourish for women, where men provide the anchoring that makes it easy for the women. It starts from a clockwise waltz turn with the follower spinning out to arm’s length from the leader, making a flourish, then rolling back in with a smooth segue into a left-turning waltz. Women like the boomerang because they look like a ballerina, but find it easy to do, because the man makes himself available to catch them securely. To see a video of the boomerang on YouTube, search “waltz boomerang”.

Step Details

While in clockwise turning waltz . . .

1, 2, 3

Follow: Facing Line Of Dance step forward on right; then turning clockwise 180º, step right, then left around the leader.

Lead: Facing Reverse Line Of Dance step straight back on Left; then turning clockwise 180º, step right, then left in place. Maintain dance hold and signal the follower that she will spin out by lifting her right hand in your left. Navigate ahead as you turn to make sure there is enough space to complete the Boomerang.

4, 5, 6

Follow: Step Left, Right, Left turning clockwise 180º, and spiraling outward to the limit of arm’s reach. While turning, hold left hand waist high so the leader can catch it in his right.

Lead: Step in place as you guide the follower with your left hand, and catch her left hand with your right hand as she turns.

1, 2, 3

Pause, side by side facing Line Of Dance, holding inside hands, fully outstretched, and with free hands extended. Smile. Wink at your friends.

4, 5, 6

Follow: Step Left – long - toward your partner, turning counter clockwise 180º. Then step Right, continuing the same direction, turning your back toward your partner, turning counter clockwise another 180º. Then step Left, to face your partner, positioned slightly past him, turning counter clockwise another 180º. Please tuck your left elbow. Take dance position.

Lead: Step in place as you draw the follower toward you. As she turns and releases your right hand, place your right hand on her back to catch her (not to steer her, but to let her know you've "got her back" and she can relax). Adjust your own position as necessary to position her in front of you, slightly to your left. Smile at her confidently.

1, 2, 3

Follow: Step backward on the right, turning counter clockwise, in Line Of Dance, into a counter clockwise turn.

Lead: Step straight forward on the Left, turning your body left, in Line Of Dance. Segue into counter clockwise turning waltz.


Jay Aland: Women find the Boomerang surprisingly easy for how good they look - because of the solid catch by the man. For a man, it is fun to be able to put such a smile on his partner's face, just by attending to what she needs. I first taught the Boomerang! 5 years ago at the Atlanta Waltz Society in Decatur, GA, USA.



  • Jay Aland 2010-05-05